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Couples Therapy
Skills for Couples Series

Coping Skills for Couples

Coping skills serve as vital tools to navigate challenging circumstances, offering respite from mental and emotional distress, and sometimes, acting as life-preserving measures. Individuals employ diverse coping mechanisms, and here are a few ways to cope:


Engage in activities like puzzles, books, crafts, or socializing to divert your mind from the problem and provide a mental break.

2. Grounding Mindfulness

Centre yourself in the present moment through practices such as crossword puzzles, reading, movies, music, meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga.

Foster awareness by using your senses, practising meditation, and embracing the moment to alleviate feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

3. Emotional Awareness & Release

Identify and express your emotions through journaling, reflection, talking, socializing, writing, drawing, music, singing, and even massage.

4. Self-Love & Soothing

Comfort yourself and show self-love through acts of compassion, taking a bubble bath, resting, napping, and seeking empathy from others.

5. Opposite Action

Counteract unhelpful impulses by doing the opposite and play happy music when feeling sad or taking a break when impulsive.

6. Challenging Thoughts & Assumptions

Actively questioning and challenging negative thought patterns and assumptions, fostering a more constructive mindset.

7. Crisis Plan

Utilize a crisis plan that includes checking the validity of assumptions, challenging negative thinking, and accessing resources such as crisis lines and safe places.

Remember to employ these strategies based on your specific needs, whether it's taking a break for self-care, engaging in social activities, or seeking support when you're concerned for your safety.